The History of graffiti

very old graffiti fonts on the stone wallGraffiti is :Graffiti was the fine arts activity that used the colour composition, the line, the form,fonts, and the volume to write the certain sentence on the wall.

History :
The term of graffiti came from the Latin language, that is "graphium" ,that means "wrote". From a literature was mentioned that this term was initially used by the archaeologists to define articles in the old building of the Egyptian nation and the Rome old building . During the 1970 's, in America and Europe graffiti cleared to the person who has moved to the city's territory as the identity gank that often emerged in urban areas. As a result graffiti to carried the occurrence provocation of the war between gank or the group. Therefore the image graffiti that was not good that became the spectre for the security of the city.

Graffiti to the Wall of the Israeli Arbiter in Israel-Palestine. The existence of social classes that were separated too far caused the difficulty for the group's certain community to express his art activity. As a result several individuals used means that almost were available all over the city, that is the wall. Artistic education that not all that caused the object that often emerged in graffiti took the form of articles or the code that only were understood by the certain group. Usually this work showed by unsatisfied feeling towards the social situation that was experienced by them.

Although graffiti generally is damaging and caused the height of the maintenance cost of the cleanliness of the city, but graffiti continued to be the art expression that must be appreciated. There were plenty of famous artists who headed his career from the graffiti activities .

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